2014 – Lofty Goals

When my free year on EC2 expired I realized that I needed to fork-lift my blog over to a new site.  I am so spoiled on SaaS and PaaS that I couldn’t stand the thought of dealing with my EC2 machine.  So I am officially moving to WordPress tonight and will slowly be migrating any relevant content over here.

I have decided to really focus on building some good content in 2014.   Next year I really want to get some brain food into the Force.com architecture space.  I have been very focused on my clients, my certifications, and launching my company (don’t forget about my family) in 2013.  But this year is coming to a close and now it is time to turn my thoughts and goals to next year.

So here they are (in no particular order):

– Attain my Salesforce.com Certifications as a Technical Architect and Advanced Developer (completing my collection…)

– Become formally certified as an Enterprise Architect by obtaining TOGAF 9 Certification (Zachman in 2015!)

– Get this blog going for real (hoping to get an article or two on developer.force.com)

– Get some content out on Pluralsight

– Put together my Book: Architecting Enterprise Solutions on Salesforce.com

– Launch a few of my AppExchange Apps (Event Logger, Business Activity Monitor, Force.com Configuration Workbook, to name a few)

And thats in my spare time… don’t forget all the consulting (which currently pays the bills).  Throw in a full time job as a husband and daddy and double lab owner and I might be a bit busy.

So lets get going!

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