About Me


My name is Gregory Cook.  I am the founder of CloudPremise and I am an Enterprise Cloud Architect.  What does that mean?  I am primarily dealing with cloud solutions on Salesforce.com right now, but more importantly I am solving Enterprise scale problems.  Those range from Solution to Technical to Organizational to Process architecture.  So while Salesforce.com is my tool of choice right now – I am really trying to change the face of companies (and other issues like pollution and poverty while I’m at it).

I like to know what I’m talking about and I currently carry the following certifications:

Salesforce.com Admin/Advanced Admin/Developer/Advanced Developer/Sales Cloud/Service Cloud/Technical Architect

ITILv3 / TOGAF v9/ Zachman


You can find me on linkedin here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gregorydcook

Thanks for checking this out!  I hope you find the content on this blog interesting.


4 Comments on “About Me

    • Not sure as it seems to work for others. Try following me on linkedin (gregorydcook) or Twitter (@gregheartcloud) and you can be notified that way.

  1. Thanks for valuable article.Can you pls share article related to campaign management and response capturing using different mediums using email,phone,sms..

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