Becoming a Salesforce Architect – A Mind Map

There was a recent article by Business Insider ( in which technology salaries were rated and guess who came in #1?  That’s right – the Salesforce Architect!  I must say it is nice to have focused so deeply on something that is so hot right now.  But what does it take to be a good Salesforce Architect?  In one of my past posts I wrote about my journey to the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (here).  But does the certification guarantee you are a good architect?  It probably does due to the rigor that is required to attain it – but not necessarily.  And if you are NOT certified, does it mean you aren’t any good?  I hope not – because I was “uncertified” for a number of years that I delivered successful projects.

So what does it take?  One of the best things to know when starting a journey is where you are going.  So I put together a mind map (got to love XMind!) that described what I consider the requisite knowledge.  I hope between my earlier post and this overview that the full body of work necessary to become (in my view at least) – a good Salesforce Architect.  And I hope that once you take a look you will understand the amount of work, knowledge, and experience that is required to get to this level.  And if you decide to take this journey – I think you will be justly rewarded.  Not only in salary as the Business Insider article calls out, but also to be truly an expert in what you do.

Click on the image to see the enlarged version.  And please – if you have other skills that you think I have not listed or you think some of this is overkill…  please leave your comments below.


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