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Managing Complexity in your Enterprise Salesforce1 Implementations

This article was originally published for DeveloperForce on December 30, 2014.  See the following link: Salesforce1 is a powerful platform that allows your organization to transform itself.  But as Salesforce has grown, so too has the scope and complexity of managing the platform.  As a Salesforce Architect it is your responsibility to understand and orchestrate […]

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Salesforce1 Enterprise Deployment Strategy

This article was originally published for DeveloperForce on December 16, 2014.  See the following link:   In my experience with clients (both big and small), Salesforce1 deployments have a bad reputation. However in almost each instance, the deployment issues can be identified and their root-causes can be mitigated. This article will help you to plan, […]

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Designing Enterprise Data Architecture on

This article was originally published for DeveloperForce on November 5, 2014.  See the following link:   Designing a good data architecture (DA) on Salesforce1 can often be the difference between a great success story or an epic failure.  The DA of Salesforce affects almost ALL areas of your org – and therefore is not to be […]

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Multi-Org vs Single-Org Architecture Strategy

This article was originally published for DeveloperForce on October 23, 2014.  See the following link:   One of the most important decisions throughout your Salesforce journey is to decide your “org strategy”.  What this really means is: “How many instances of Salesforce will you have in your company?”  As a Certified Technical Architect I mostly […]

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Building an Enterprise Architecture with

I’m a huge fan of the SFDC platform. It has the potential to transform businesses if implemented and managed correctly. Unfortunately I’ve seen many companies come up short when trying to reap value from Salesforce. There are countless reasons for this but here are some of the top reasons I’ve seen: Strategy No organizational vision […]

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Becoming a Salesforce Architect – A Mind Map

There was a recent article by Business Insider ( in which technology salaries were rated and guess who came in #1?  That’s right – the Salesforce Architect!  I must say it is nice to have focused so deeply on something that is so hot right now.  But what does it take to be a good Salesforce […]

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I have a set of blog articles I will be writing over the coming weeks and months (let’s be honest: years).  I wanted to list the outline of what I am planning.  I would love your feedback on which ones you would be interested in seeing sooner than later.  (These are listed in no specific […]

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2014 – Lofty Goals

When my free year on EC2 expired I realized that I needed to fork-lift my blog over to a new site.  I am so spoiled on SaaS and PaaS that I couldn’t stand the thought of dealing with my EC2 machine.  So I am officially moving to WordPress tonight and will slowly be migrating any […]

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